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New Years Eve Update - 12/31/2016 @ 2:55 PM by: Joe
Ok guys, so we have our 2017 New Year's Eve broadcast up once again this year! We are very excited this year to be LIVE from Time Square once again, broadcasting some of the best music from the past decade. We are playing a lot of earlier songs that started this station (1999-2001) era, just to get the feel of the station. We will have LIVE performances tonight being broadcasted from the main stage, including Mariah Carey, Will Smith & Jennifer Lopez. If you guy's have any requests, since them over to ocsdradio@gmail.com - I will be sure to play them tonight for you! Otherwise, use the links on this page to tune in, and have a safe, and prosperous New Year, and enjoy the broadcast! 
- Joe Antonio

Website Launch - 12/19/2016 @ 7:39 PM by: Joe
We are BACK! Another year, and another Christmas stream is upon us! Click the links above and on the sides to tune in! I will be gradually updating the site, as well as adding more Christmas music to the playlist over the next few days, so bare with me. Otherwise, enjoy the stream, and I'll be back tomorrow with another update!
Joe Antonio


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